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Looking for part-time work in Australia?

Looking for part-time work in Australia

Australia is the only continent covered by a single country. It is blessed with mind-blowing landscapes and a great destination for international students. Since 1994, the international student’s enrollment has increased by about 835% till 2018. This means opportunities for international students is growing in Australia. Australia is a growing destination. It is also recognized in the global platform for its cost of living benefits, education opportunities, impressive technology, and working condition. Among various advantage of studying in Australia, one of them is students can work part-time to support their academic cost financially. Here are three things that you need to know before getting a part-time job:-

Know the legality

The Fair Work Act 2009 also know as the FW Act guides the employment conditions for Australian employees. In 2017, the Fair Work Commission reviewed the annual wage of Australia and decide the minimum wages for Australian employees as $694.90/week which is equal to $18.90/hr. Visa of international students enables them to work unto 40 hours per two weeks during the academic semester. This gives an opportunity to cover their living cost and as well as focus on their studies. However, during the semester breaks students don’t have a restriction to work for specified hours and therefore can work for unlimited hours.

Knowing the banking process of Australian bank is crucial to managing the finance. Having an Australia bank account will sure your money accessibility needed for accommodation, tuition fees, and other living expense. If you provide your passport details in the application form then you are eligible to apply to open an Australian Bank account. In order to come under the law students must also apply for Tax File Number (TFN) from Australia Taxation Office to make sure you are charged tax equally than other employees. To apply for TFN applicants should have a valid permanent migrant visa or valid visa with work rights or valid overseas student visa or a valid visa allowing you to reside in Australia indefinitely. You can call at 13 28 61 or apply online to get your TFN declaration.

It’s extremely important to be aware of employment rights while you are engaged with the company. While it does not have to be compulsory to have written a contract of the job however it’s compulsory that all employees should be provided with a copy of Fair Work Information Statement which guides towards employment right under National Employment Standards (NES). Students should be careful about the employment opportunities who insist “cash in hand” jobs or want unpaid jobs for a trial basis. It’s important to be aware of the pay and conditions for your area of employment known as “award” and thoroughly read the contract companies offer before signing it. To know more various sensitivity regarding employment condition you should visit Fair Work Ombudsman

Know the industry

Australia is booming in business through the integration of technology and innovative services which means employment opportunities is growing in Australia. To find a part-time job in Australia depends upon your strengths, skills, and interest. However, it’s not guaranteed that students will land up to the job that aligns with their academic carrier. The main thing is to look for a job that is convenient to balance your academic life and lifestyle. Connivence should also be considered by where the job location is because traveling from college or living place can be costly and might be insecure while doing jobs at night. Most popular part jobs in Australia are in the following sectors:

  • Retail: The retail industry in Australia is on a huge transition phase from physical to e-commerce model. Even with the growth in the e-commerce sector, part-time jobs are available in the retail industry. Stores can be small or big— can sell clothes or electronic products—it’s convenient to work in the retail industry.
  • Hospitality: Hospitality industry is always booming sector because it provides service that fulfills the human basic need of hunger, entertainment, and recreation. The hospitality industry revenue has grown by 3.8% on average which means the industry has a future for part-time job holders. Students can choose to work on hotels and resorts, restaurants, cafe and coffee shops, pubs, bars, and night clubs.
  • Miscellaneous Services: Service industry is not specific enough and covers a wide range of opportunities for part-time students. Students can get jobs supermarket, petrol stations, call centers, and various administrative related works.
  • Specific Industry: Many don’t get the job related to their expertise or which supports their academic carrier. However, it’s not always the case when you have strong technical skills or have a network who can give can support your job accessibility. You will be super lucky if you as an IT student gets a job in a technology company and students should pursue that kind of part-time jobs that are relevant to their academics.

Know how to be prepared

Seeking Job is often a complicated and energy draining process in many countries. To get a job first and foremost thing to do is polishing the resume which focuses on your strengths, accomplishment, skills and articulated in an understandable language. You can find various online resources to get tips on designing your resume like professional or even can ask help within your network who have experience in hiring peoples. Before finalizing the resume make sure it’s free of errors and stands out against your other competitors.

After finalizing the resume you need to invest your time to search for jobs which align with your resume. Here are a few strategies to adopt while searching the jobs:-

  • Always have a physical hard copy of your resume with you. Whenever you get a chance to visit stores or your preferred workplace then find if they have vacancies open in the company or not. Even if it’s not, you can request to consider for future opportunities and leave resume to the human resource department. Make sure you are polite, looks smart and communicate in understandable language to whom you approach for job vacancies. Your first impression is always remembered and can actually determine your future scope.
  • With the advantage of the internet and smartphone accessibility, you can always surf the important website in social media and get updates regarding any vacancy opportunities. You can search the ‘careers’ section on employer or industry websites to find vacancies. You can subscribe to important websites so that you get updates in email and many of these websites will allow you to apply online
  • There are different platforms for searching for jobs in Australia which focus on part-time jobs in the nearby area. The main job-search websites are ourjobs, Seek, MyCareer, CareerOne, and apply direct.
  • Many academic institutions have job placement cells that give access to various job opportunities. You need to continuously seek help in those departments and you will get help various leads regarding your aspirations related to part-time jobs. Your continuous effort and engagement to them are key to get your desired part-time jobs.